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Core Information

Code: COCC-16466
Title: Digimon Xros Wars Insert Song: Evolution & Digixros
Artists: Wada Kouji, Tanimoto Takayoshi, Miyazaki Ayumi
Release Date: June 22, 2011
List Price: ¥1500

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Track Listing

# Title Artist(s) Runtime Song Info
01Evolution & Digixros (ver.Taiki) (Karaoke)Wada Kouji & Tanimoto Takayoshi4:30[x]
02Evolution & Digixros (ver.Kiriha) (Karaoke)Wada Kouji & Tanimoto Takayoshi4:50[x]
03WE ARE Xros Heart! (ver.X7) (Karaoke)Wada Kouji, Tanimoto Takayoshi & Miyazaki Ayumi4:08[x]
04Evolution & Digixros (ver.Taiki) (Karaoke)4:25[x]
05Evolution & Digixros (ver.Kiriha) (Karaoke)4:34[x]
06WE ARE Xros Heart! (ver.X7) (Karaoke)4:07[x]


The first pressing included a poster.
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